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Understanding that everyone is on their own unique wellness journey, we offer a variety of wellness services designed to fit your physical, mental & spiritual needs.



Our Place offers several styles of yoga, with our primary focus being vinyasa flow. Our thoughtful instructors guide students through sequences that are tailored to meet a variety of physical abilities (from beginner to advanced) and are designed to align the body, mind, and spirit - bringing students to a place of stillness. Knowing that it is from here that we tap into our greatest potential.  Our Place also offers core yoga, yin, restorative and gentle stretch.


Workshops & Events

From our inversion workshops to our meditation courses, it is our intention to bring a wide range of workshops, courses and trainings to our community in hopes of expanding our minds, our self-awareness and our connection to each other. We offer monthly sound baths, Reiki trainings and guided meditations. Join us!

Our Place Yoga - Reiki

Reiki & Energy Healing

Our Place is honored to offer Reiki healing; a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique which uses spiritual energy to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments without manipulation or massage. We also offer meditation classes and deep energy services which include chakra reading and assessment, chakra clearing (balancing), deep breathwork, guided visualization and body movement (through yoga asana) to balance the body, mind and spirit.

Fern leading a soundbath using a glass sound bowl.

Corporate Wellness

Holistic Wellness, when offered within the corporate structure, has proven to dramatically lower work related stress and anxiety, while increasing productivity and lifting overall office moral. Our Place offers in-office yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and wellness presentations. A beautiful way to offer your employees wellness at work!


Our yoga instructors are experienced, qualified, and are a wonderful mix of personalities.

Christine Fogarty

Studio Owner | Instructor

My mission is to create an environment, a space in both the physical and metaphysical sense, where healing of the mind, body and spirit, can take place. Through deep yoga practice, breathwork and energy healing, it is my intention to guide us back to our true essence, which is love.

Heather Parks

Studio Manager | Yoga Instructor

I connect with yoga because it allows me to love my body exactly as it is. One of my greatest goals is to help instill that same sense of peace in others. As I dive deeper into my practice as both a student and a teacher, I'm always seeking to connect with the local yoga community (and beyond).

Fern Brito

Yoga Instructor

What I love about yoga is that it helps me slow down, quiet the mind and allows me to view life from a different perspective. Yoga is much more than the poses to me, it is a way we connect back to our true selves, it is a way we interact with the world. Yoga is a way of life.

Amanda Nelson

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has taught me when you allow life to flow, and when you are kind to yourself in life a world truly opens up. Everyone should try yoga, if it is not just for once, with no ego, finding oneself through breath and movement. Practice makes practice, and one day yoga just changes the way you look at your world.

Cristal Drake

Yoga Instructor

Yoga. It's not a perfect; it's a practice. It's about showing up on your mat with no expectations of how it should go. It's about discovering yourself with no judgment. I never really set out to be a teacher but I feel called to share this beautiful practice and believe that it is for everyone who wants to try. If you have a mind and a body, you can do yoga. Join me.

Madison McReynolds

Yoga Instructor

What keeps me coming back to my mat is this continual practice of self love. I’ve found that mirroring breath to movement has cultivated so much more presence and loving awareness in me! My heart’s desire is to offer a space to explore our individual experience of being alive, in chaos or in balance, and to enjoy a loving breath amidst it all. My classes reflect this idea so that we can build strength and create heat together, all while finding delight in the process of growing.

Jenny Jensen

Yoga Instructor

When I started yoga, the physical asana practice is what originally drew me in, but I quickly came to love the healing nature of yoga. I enjoyed the idea of the mat as a space we could come to no matter what was going on in our lives, and I strive to create that same experience for students in every class I teach. Join me as we nurture the balance of mind, body, breath, and spirit.

Molly Embrador

Yoga Instructor

I believe that happy people are growing people, so I've designed my classes to inspire and motivate those around me to connect with their inner self through breathwork, find self-love though intention, and explore their potential with community.

Salem McBee

Yoga Instructor

My yoga is about being with myself in this moment with full presence. Doing this through breath and movement and through stillness and ease. My commitment is to provide an environment of safety for everyone to bring all of themselves to the mat. All of it. Checking nothing at the door. Being fully present with what is and learning to breathe and release.

Charlie Cardenas

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a continuous reminder of the breath and the present moment. It's about slowing down and tuning in. By focusing our attention on the breath in this way, we come away from the mind and realize the truth within; the peace, love and eternal light.

Jess Barrington

Yoga Instructor

I found yoga ten years ago during a time of bereavement and was particularly drawn to vinyasa flow. Being challenged physically allowed me to find a deep calm in savasana and meditation. I've experienced the transformative power of yoga in both mind and body and seek to help guide others through their yogic journey.

Ivy Delgadillo

Yoga Instructor

Yoga will always be my saving grace. Having gone through many traumatic events in my life, yoga helps me discover my “why” all over again. My goal as a yoga instructor is to create intentional, challenging and creative flows for my students to guide them toward their purpose again.

Alexis Wolford

Yoga Instructor

For me, yoga is about continuous growth and self love. By showing up on my mat everyday I have learned so much about myself, my body, my strengths and weaknesses. As a yoga instructor, I strive to give my students a safe space to go through their own self discovery journey.

Cassaundra Harris

Yoga Instructor

My intention as a yoga instructor is to inspire others on and off the mat and to be present in each moment. Yoga saved me and helped me become a better and more patient mother. It completely made me discover who I am, and I hope that through yoga I can help others on their journey of self-discovery and love.

Pricing & Memberships

2 Weeks Unlimited

$ 20

For New Students | Available In-Studio Only

Core Strengthening

$ 5

Per Class

Vinyasa Flow

$ 10

Per Class

Restorative Healing

$ 20

Per Class

Most Popular

Monthly Auto-Renew Membership

$ 64

Per Month

Monthly Membership

$ 75

Per Month

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940 W. Chapman Ave, #101 Orange, CA 92868

We are located just 1/2 a mile west of the Orange Circle (a great place for coffee or tea) on Chapman and Citrus, or just a mile east of the 57 freeway. We are on the south side of street.  We have a small parking lot, but extra parking can be found on Almond, Batavia, or to the north of Citrus, across Chapman. Be sure to look for signs that may restrict parking.

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