Class Descriptions & Schedule

First time student? Consider our 2 Weeks for $20 intro package! Redeemable in-studio only.

Class Descriptions

This is a fluid class that will guide you through a variety of asanas (poses). Designed to build strength, balance, flexibility and more. Breathwork, sun salutations, savasana all included. You may even learn an inversion or two! All levels encouraged. This class is appropriate for everyone – whether you’re brand new to yoga or have an advanced practice.

All-Levels Morning Flow is a deep and gentle class intended to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Suitable for all levels, this thoughtful class encourages deep connection to both the breath and the body. With a combination of deep stretching, mindful asana and focused breathing, this morning practice is guaranteed to nourish your body while nurturing your spirit.

Hatha Yoga is a a slower-paced sequence focused on physical asana and breathing techniques, practiced more slowly and with more static posture holds than Vinyasa flow. Our Place Hatha is suitable for all levels and is both strengthening and relaxing. This practice will leave you feeling grounded, strong and calm.

20 minutes of core strengthening. It’s upbeat and a whole lot of fun. Great to pair with Vinyasa, either before or after you flow.

Believing that mindfulness and meditation are the keys to a healthy yoga practice, Our Place offers several options for meditation. Weekly 25-minute meditations on Wednesday are just $5! We also offer a more curated meditation course on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm for $10. For those interested in more 1-on-1 guided meditation and visualization, Our Place also offers private meditation sessions.

A relaxing class full of deep stretches. Students are guided through a series of stretches using bolsters, blocks and blankets to help support the body. This can be a great way to rehab the body if you’re super active or to simply wind down after a long day.

This 90 minute immersive “hands on” experience is designed to relax the body, calm the mind and lift the spirit. As students release into each pose, our trained and qualified instructors provide loving Thai compression touch.

This specialty class is a great way to start your week. It includes a combination of breathwork, guided meditation, gentle movement and light Reiki healing. Each class will include individual Reiki healing to help release stagnant energy in the subtle body – resulting in a revival of the body, mind and spirit.

This beautifully curated class provides a unique opportunity to connect deeper to yourself and to your community. Come discover how your subtle body and Chakras are a precise road map to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We offer this bi-monthly class with love and deep intention for healing and expansion for all. Each class will begin with students having the option to set an intention by drawing a card from our Chakra Oracle deck. Following the meditation and sound healing, students will have time to discuss and look deeper into their chosen card.

Bring your little ones for a 70 minute yoga experience! Includes yoga, mindfulness, crafts and sing alongs. Parents can flow in the big studio downstairs while kiddos learn, move and grow upstairs in Suite 206.

Starts at $65/hr.

Tailored to your individual body, physical abilities and desired results, our trained instructors provide one-on-one guided yoga asana, mindful alignment and deep breathwork in a private, safe space. Wonderful for beginners or those looking to deepen their current practice, our private sessions are a wonderful way to foster personal trust and build strength. Reach out to us today for more details or to schedule a private session!

Starts at $65/hr.

Private classes foster mental clarity and a quieting of the mind – easing anxiety and depression and clearing away thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you. Through this work you will experience emotional healing and spiritual awakening.

Reiki – Reiki calms the physical body, bolsters the immune system and increases individuals own unique healing abilities. Reiki is intended to encourage personal growth and spiritual awareness.

Chakra Balancing – By addressing the individuals subtle (light) body, our practitioners offer chakra reading, assessment and balancing. These sessions are intended to identify unhealthy patterns or habits that may be keeping you from living a balanced and healthy life.

Believing that we are forever learning and always expanding, it is our mission to offer a variety of new workshops and events regularly. All events are offered with the intention of expanding knowledge and deepening students connection to their bodies, their yoga practice, their energy and their community.

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Holistic Wellness, when offered within a corporate structure, has proven to dramatically lower work-related stress and anxiety, while increasing productivity and lifting overall office moral. Our Place Yoga proudly offers in-office group yoga sessions, guided meditation, mindfulness workshops and wellness seminars to corporations large and small. It would be an honor to bring wellness to your office or workplace! Contact us for details.

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