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Frequently Asked Questions

First off, thank you for finding us!
Coming here is nice and simple. No reservation needed for our vinyasa classes, yin classes, core classes, or meditations. The only class that needs a reservation is restorative on Thursday nights, because that class fills up very quickly!
Here is the link to reserve your spot:
We have a quick waiver to fill out which you can do before hand by following this link:
Parking can be tricky, so please give yourself extra time and see our question on where to park for more details!
We look forward to seeing you at Our Place.

ALL of our classes are open to all levels!

Our instructors are great at give modifications to make sure people are being cared for whether beginners or advanced practitioners. If you are a beginner and you’d like extra pointers feel free to let the instructor know! If you are advanced and have personal modifications that you enjoy, feel free to take them!

If you would like, you can always tell the instructor that you are a beginner to give them the opportunity to check-in with you during class

We are located on the southeast corner of Chapman and Citrus between Main Street and Batavia. You will see a two-story, tan building with a vertical, neon sign that says “Citrus”. The front windows have a sign that says Our Place Yoga along the bottom. The entrance is on the side of the building by the parking lot.

Parking can be tricky when our small lot fills up, so we recommend parking on Batavia or at the end of Citrus on Almond and taking a quick walk to the studio. Be sure to look at signage as to not get a ticket!

You should wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Keep in mind that there are times when you will be bending forward, so a shirt that you can tuck in, or wont fall down may be things to consider.

This truly depends on the child’s ability to pay attention and remain respectful throughout class. We have a few parents that being their 8 years and they are wonderful students! But not all children are old souls. Please use your best judgement as a parent and yoga practioner when deciding whether or not to bring them along, and pease note the parent needs to be with their child through the entire class. If there are disruptions, we will ask you to leave in order to respect the other students.

Another option would be to bring them to our Kid’s Class on Tuesday afternoons in the upstairs studio (#206) and enjoy the Parent’s Class that we hold simultaneously in the downstairs studio. The age limit for this class is 5-12. This class is $10.

With any injury or medical history, it is always important to consult your physician before starting physical activity.

Yoga can be strenuous, and requires mindful movements and proper alignment to ensure a healthy practice. It is up to the practitioner to prevent injury.
If you would like to ask the instructor for modifications before class, you are more than welcome to do so, but this does not ensure that an injury will not occur or worsen. We do our very best to keep everyone safe. In the end, it is up to you to be honest with your body and your limitations.