Reiki & Energy Healing


Reiki aids the body in releasing stress and tension by first creating deep physical relaxation. From here, we can begin to dive deeper into any areas of mental, emotional or spiritual resistance, healing past pain, trauma or patterns that no longer serve you. Reiki calms the physical body, bolsters the immune system and increases individuals own unique healing abilities. Reiki is intended to encourage personal growth and spiritual awareness.


We offer guided meditation every Wednesday and Thursday from 11:35am – 12pm in studio, and privately by appointment. Our facilitators guide students through several types of meditation from pranayama (controlled breathing) to guided visualization. Join us at one of our weekday meditations or reach out to us today to learn more!  

Energy Healing

Our Place healing practitioners offer deep energy healing through first, assessing our clients subtle body energies, their individual Chakra system. Our sessions include aura and chakra reading and assessment, chakra clearing (balancing), Reiki, deep breathwork, guided visualization and body movement (through yoga asana) to balance the body, mind and spirit. It is here, through deep connection to our energy body, that we can begin to transform our lives.