Reiki & Energy Healing

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is the Universal Life Force that connects all living things. It is the connection of our higher self to the Universal Energy that breathes life into everything. We are all born with the intrinsic wisdom to heal and preserve life, as well as with the knowing that all living things are connected. Reiki tunes you in to this frequency so that you can live a truly “connected” life, both individually and collectively.

At the most basic level, Reiki is the laying of hands on a person’s body (or hovering just above) to allow the Universal Energy to enter the individual’s aura, clearing and healing the physical body, mind, and spirit. Reiki healing sessions provide a beautiful way of centering the body and mind so that you may feel your natural state of balance returning from within you. From this place of calm, you can begin to let go of patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you, as well as calm and relax the physical body so that all elements of who you really are can emerge.

At Our Place Yoga, we offer private Reiki healing sessions, as well as small group healing and private Reiki events. Our certified Reiki Practitioners have been trained and certified by our Reiki Master Teacher Christine Fogarty-Hollon in the Usui Reiki practice, and all offer Reiki healing from a place of love, compassion, and healing intention. We honor each individual client from the understanding that each person is on their own unique path to healing.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a private session. You can reach us via phone at (424) 257-0759 or via e-mail at It is our greatest honor to guide you.

Meet Our Reiki Practitioners

Christine Fogarty-Hollon

Reiki Master Teacher

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have a deep understanding of energy theory, the core principles of Reiki, and the Chakra system. It is from a deep place of love and intention that I seek to be a conduit of healing for all of my clients. Seventeen years ago, Reiki saved my life and healed my whole being. It is from a place of deep gratitude that Reiki has become my life's work and passion. My intention is to be a conduit of healing and love within a safe space so that my clients may step boldly into the life of their dreams.

Allie Mosier

Level III Reiki Practitioner

I believe Reiki allows you to become your own healer and guide. It is the energy that activates your innate healing ability; the bridge that connects your mind, body, and heart. My intention is through Reiki, you develop a deep connection to your inner knowing and wisdom so you may live a life that’s in alignment with your heart’s truth and purpose.

Heather Parks

Level II Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a profoundly beautiful way to connect with ourselves and others. Some might even say it’s a superpower. Everything around and within us carries energy, and Reiki helps us find balance through it all. My intention as a Reiki Practitioner is to heal, spread light, and leave each client with tools to maintain that balance everyday.

Molly Embrador

Level II Reiki Practitioner

I don't consider myself a healer, rather a conduit for self-healing. The practice of Reiki brings us into conscious awareness of being one whole collective. Reiki meets each person where they are on their journey to healing and gives them what they need along their path.

Amanda Nelson

Level II Reiki Practitioner

I have found the practice of Reiki on myself and others to be an undeniably powerful tool to heal and to deliver relief as well as immediate relaxation. Reiki has been a gift to help me look inward to establish healthier patterns in my life and has helped me do the same for others. I practice Reiki daily on patients and clients who are looking for peace or energy healing. The success is rewarding and groundbreaking. Reiki is life.

Hani Duran

Level II Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is the infinite love and light within ourselves that allows us to heal emotional scars we’ve accumulated before we learned to truly love and honor ourselves. It’s a beautiful way to connect within. As a Reiki practitioner, it’s my intention to help others find healing, reconnect with their bodies, and remember their light within.